White House Website Adds LBGT Friendly Pronouns To Contact Form

By Charlie McCarthy January 22, 2021 | Image Source: News Max

If you want to contact the White House via its official website, there is now a category named Pronouns between Suffix and Email.

President Joe Biden’s administration updated the Contact page of whitehouse.gov to include a Pronouns pulldown with the selections: she/her, he/him, they/them, Other and Prefer not to share, per Breitbart.

The update was made to embrace transgender ideology. According to the official LGBT organization GLAAD website, “it is increasingly common for people who have a non-binary gender identity and/or gender expression to use they/them as their pronoun.”

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn in shortly before noon ET on Wednesday.

Nearly two and a half hours after Biden took office, GLAAD posted a photo of the Pronouns selections on its official Twitter account.

“The @WhiteHouse website contact form now asks for your pronouns,” GLAAD wrote with a screenshot of the Pronouns pulldown.

Other White House website changes included an updated priorities page that now lists COVID-19, climate, racial equality, economy, healthcare, immigration, and restoring America’s global standing, per CBS News.

Also, the entire website can be translated into Spanish easily, and the site was designed to be more accessible with high contrast and large font size options in compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Under former President Donald Trump, the White House website’s Contact page included a form with the selections: Topic, Prefix, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Suffix, Email, Phone Number, Address, and a comment space.

Author: Charlie McCarthy

Source: News Max: White House Website Adds LGBT Friendly ‘Pronouns’ to Contact Form