Reporter Asks DC Guardsman What He’s Doing There…His Answer Says It All…

By Missy Crane January 19, 2021 | Image Source: Waynedupree

What’s happening right now in DC is despicable.

To watch our country be turned into a political sideshow that looks like some ghastly scene straight out of “Hunger Games” is disgusting beyond words.

But in some warped way, it’s also kind of fitting – because this is the mood of the country right now – we had a banana republic election, why not have a banana republic “inauguration” too?

And right now, DC looks like a 3rd-world hell hole, with over 20K National Guardsmen, walls, tanks, and choppers flying overhead.

Yet, Biden won “82 million votes…” 🤔

Many people believe the over-kill situaion in DC is only making matters much, much worse…and those people are probably right.

But what’s actually going on in DC? Does anyone really know?

Do the men and women in uniform even know?

Well, it doesn’t seem that way.

Independent journalist Michael Tracey headed to DC where he asked a couple of guardsmen why there were standing around with unloaded rifles…and their response really says it all.

“Asked the Guardsmen why they are standing around with unloaded rifles. “I don’t know, I’m just doing what I’m told”

They have no idea why they’re even there.

These poor men and women, being yanked away from their family’s in order to put on some crazy “Kim Jong Un” Democrat kabuki theatre.

It’s shameful to see this unfold. Truly disgusting in every sense of the word.

The Dems are trying to make “MAGA” seem like such a “threat” that they need to literally occupy and lock down an entire city.

Fake news.

But regardless, they’re putting on quite a show.

It’s not really surprising though – Dems have a lot of practice making stuff up in order to lock down cities, right?

Author: Missy Crane

Source: Waynedupree: Reporter Asks DC Guardsman What He’s Doing There…His Answer Says It All…